RF433 mhz Remote Control Wall Light switch 3 Channel Wireless Modern Wall Light Switch for homes
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                             5 Supriorities of Grit Wireless light Switch


1.Perfect Combination between the wireless and wired switch

After decoration of furniture, you will find the switches are hidden well, or it is inconvenient to operate after skipped installation if adopted the traditional switches, Grit makes your worry free.


2.Absolutely Secure

Traditional switches make it easier to get an electric shock because of wet condition in bathroom, especilly danger for kids splashing about there. Girt does not connect with Mains Supply, which makes it abolutely secure with the IP54 waterproof rate.



Traditional wired switches applied to hotel are unfriendly to the environment by chiseling the walls with lots of waste at high cost of wiring, labor and material.


4.Easy Installation

Wooden frame houses are stylish, visible cables destroy the sense of beauty and make it easier for fire disasters. It is troublesome for buried wiring installation, Grit switch can be placed and shit wherever at will.


5.Exquisite and Elegant

Wired switches make it massive for jewelry showcase or offices made of glass with visible cables. Glass material is fragile and impossible to chisel. Grit switch is exquisite and elegant without wiring and can be

placed and shift wherever at will.

Specifications of Wireless Switch

Wireless Switch (Switch Panel)    Model:SW-NK3

Product Size: 86x86x13(mm)

Switching lifespan:600K times

Wireless Range: Indoor 30~50M,open space 300~500M

Waterproof: IP66

Working voltage: 3V (CR2032)

Life of the battery: 6~8 years

Working frequency: 433.92 MHz

Standby current:≤0.01 uA

Fireproof level: V0

Working temperature: -40 ~ +70C

Working humidity: 0~90%

Storage temperature: -40 ~ +80°


Specifications of Receiver

Wireless Receiver     Model:SW-R01

Product Size:43x23x23( mm)

Current:10A Max. Resistive load

Working frequency:433.92 MHz

Emission sensitivity:-116dB

Standby current≤0.5W

Working current≤0.8W .

Fireproof level:V0

Working temperature:-25~ +65°

Working humidity:0~90%

Storage temperature:-40~ +80°

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