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Product Features:

1.Vehicle Anti-theft Alarm PRO, your new bodyguard for bikes and vehicles !

2. Build in lithium battery, USB-C charge, no replace battery! 3. The 4th version of power-saving technology, long remote battery life! 4. 3 Ringtones, long wireless range, easy to find your bike! 5.Bracket/Zip ties/Double-sided tape 3 installation ways,suitable for various models vehicle! 6.Car-level 6-segment alarm sound, 110dB loud alarm,effectively deter thief! 7.Three-dimensional displacement sensor and special algorithms can accurately identify theft and reduce false alarms! 8. adjustable sensitivity levels from touch to beat, suitable for various occasions! 9.PC+ anti-UV material, waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature resistance, not afraid of wind, rain and severe cold and heat!

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